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About ABC Pest Control Sydney

Long gone are the days when we needed to put up with living with pests in our domestic or commercial premises – drastic measures are not always required as prevention is always the best form of defence. Cockroaches, rodents, bugs, fleas and bedbugs are easily treated and prevented from intruding on your property by expert pest control professionals in Sydney, like us at ABC. Since we became established over nearly 15 years ago we have been treating all types of bugs, pests and insects, cockroaches, spiders, rats, mice and termites.

You can be assured that all our pest control technicians are properly licensed and fully trained in all aspects of pest eradication. This ensures that the services we carry out for our clients guarantee maximum effectiveness that always meet the strictest of guidelines for health management. Due to Sydney’s climate and location, wherever you are based, your house is unfortunately attractive to a multitude of different pests.

Most Sydney residential properties will require annual pest control services but commercial premises, due to their health and safety requirements, need far more frequent visits. At ABC, after an initial inspection, we can set up an annual programme for our clients in order to eliminate their need to worry about unwanted visitors. This scheduled service is ideal for many offices, hotels, food serving commercial premises and homeowners alike.

With our technicians being as comprehensively trained and experienced as they are; we are fully equipped to expertly deal with any of the vast array of pest control problems you can possibly experience in the Sydney area. We will provide you with efficient, considerate and cost effective service that will prevent any species or sub species of pest (who will all require different and individual treatments) from returning to your property.

While prevention is always preferable we are also experts at expedient elimination of pesky infestations. We are extremely competitive and affordable in our industry and guarantee 100% results, ensuring that we have become the preferred choice in pest control solutions across all Sydney areas. We are sure to cater to your needs whether they are domestic or commercial.

We are a professional team that cares about our clients and are proud that 90% of the work we do comes through repeat customers and customer referalls. No job is too big or small and we always ensure our work is of the highest standards, first time, every time.

The fast and efficient services we provide ensure you will no longer need to worry about the havoc that rodents, mice, termites, cockroaches wreak throughout your property or about the germs, illnesses and disease that other critters can cause to your family, pets, customers or workers.

For an immediate response please contact ABC Pest Control on 1300411970.


Everyday low price

Single Story Now From
Normally $385
You Saving $200
Double Story Now From
Normally $410
You Saving $410
Unit Deluxe From
Normally $299
You Saving $150

American Cockroaches
Australian Cockroaches
German Cockroaches
Oriental Cockroaches
Smokey Brown Cockroaches
Black House Spiders
Trap Door Spiders
St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders
Red Back Spiders
Black House Spiders
Rodents – Rats and Mice
Carpet Beetles
Silver Fish
Bull Ants
Paper Wasps
For additional services, Bees, Fleas, Bird Lice, Ticks, Black Ants, Brown Ants Bull Ants, Funnel Webs at additional cost.
Deluxe pest control package treat up to 15 pest Up to 6 month Warranty
External perimeter of your home, including around all windows and doors, eaves,
gutters, downpipes.
Alfresco/Pergola areas.
Sheds (inside & out)
Bins & LetterboxPerimeter fence line (including under the fence capping).
Additional fees for blocks exceeding 800m2
Pool fencing
Cockroach gel treatment (within your kitchen area ).
Internal spraying around skirting board areas
Roof void Rat/Mouse baiting treatment
Roof void Dust treatment
Cubby house Children swing equipment
Granny flats Add additional cost

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